Vulfpeck to Release New Album, Mr. Finish Line

Vulfpeck will be releasing their third album, Mr. Finish Line, on November 7, 2017 (fourth, if you count the silent Sleepify album that exploited a royalty loophole on Spotify and helped to fund an admission-free tour).

While the core group are native Michiganders, this upcoming album will feature a slew of musicians from all around. David T. Walker, a guitarist who’s worked with Marvin Gaye and Herbie Hancock, will be returning to play with the band. Bootsy Collins will also be featured on the album, who you may recognize from Parliament-Funkadelic. There’s honestly too many talented musicians to list here, so I recommend checking out the album trailer below for more details.

Vulfpeck’s core group is made up of Jack Stratton, Joe Dart, Theo Katzman, and Woody Goss, and their crisp and healthy funk would probably have made Michael Jackson proud (the younger MJ, not the scary one). If you haven’t heard Vulfpeck before, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying “Cory Wong,” which features the eponymous Cory Wong on the Stratocaster, backed up by Joe Dart’s understated bass:

If this was your introduction to Vulfpeck, you might be a little unsure of how to handle all of this new sonic information. Here’s what I enjoy doing while I’m digesting all of that good funk:

  1. Imagining it’s the background music of a movie I’m inexplicably in.
  2. Dancing.
  3. Nodding my head when dancing is not acceptable.
  4. Scrunching my face up so it looks like I’ve either smelt something horrible, just remembered an unpleasant memory, or am listening to a very funky breakdown.

Mr. Finish Line is available for pre-order on their delightfully minimalist website, where you can also find tour dates; the Vulf Compressor plugin (if you’re into music production); and, weirdly, their own font. I’ll be looking forward to November with gusto.