Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs Trailer Evokes Fantastic Mr. Fox

The first trailer for Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs has come out, and it is… well, very much a Wes Anderson flick about dogs.

Don’t worry, I won’t talk about being a rabid Wes Anderson fan. I’m an enthusiastic Wes Anderson fan, and this film looks like it will be serving up a little bit of Fantastic Mr. Fox with some new spices. And that’s not a bad thing–just the opposite. Fantastic Mr. Fox was based off of a Roald Dahl story, so maybe that new spice in the trailer is just Anderson filling in where Dahl used to be.

Check out the trailer below. If you want some Fantastic Mr. Fox deju vu, 0:30-0:35 certainly did it for me.

Isle of Dogs will feature some of Anderson’s tried-and-true actors, including Edward Norton and Bill Murray, as well as some new ones, like Bryan Cranston and, terrifyingly, Yoko Ono.